We are a boutique agency dedicated to servicing our clients.

    During 30 years of supplying logistics services Superfreighters has developed a broad and deep knowledge of the Australian logistics market that allows us to quickly and easily develop a total distribution solution for your business.


    We are experts in assisting clients with transitioning to Seafreight.

    Superfreighters has a long history of providing FCL freight services by sea from the eastern seaboard of Australia to WA and Tasmania. By focusing on this niche area Superfreighters has been able to build the experience and substantial expertise that ensures a highly competitive offer in terms of pricing and delivery.


    The Seafreight Loading Chassis

    Superfreighters has been an innovator of systems that reduce costs and improve efficiency in our clients' operations. The Seafreight Loading Chassis (SLC) is an example of this. The SLC uses new, patented technology for quick, safe and reliable loading and unloading of general purpose (GP) freight containers.


    Our technological solutions include multi carrier dispatching tools.

    As part of its National Distribution Service, Superfreighters provides a 21st century solution for the management of dispatch processes. We provide you with a full suite of management reports.

Welcome to Superfreighters

We are a specialist freight forwarder that has been operating in the Australian market for 30 years.  Over that time we have built substantial expertise and experience in moving all classes of freight around Australia via all modes of transport – rail, road, sea and air. 

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The Seafreight Loading Chassis

Watch the video of our Seafreight Loading Chassis: SLC.

Our unique, patented Shipping Container Loading Solution is a safe, easy method for loading shipping containers. Be amazed at how much time you can save loading your freight into 20ft and 40ft containers. 

Our container loading equipment provides a roll in/roll out solution that:

  • saves time and money,
  • is extremely safe to load/unload for your staff, 
  • dramatically reduces damage to freight
  • reduces the need for specialised materials handling, and third party services
  • is great for lengths and products such as copper, steel & pasterboard

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Container Loading Solution: The Seafreight Loading Chassis